1. NACCB member firms, their principals and employees will uphold the principles of the NACCB and will not commit acts discreditable to the association or the consulting industry.
  2. NACCB members operate in a professionally responsible manner and do not defame consultants, candidates, clients or competitors.
  3. NACCB members are committed to equal opportunity for all regardless of race, religion, colour, sex, marital status, sexual orientation or national origin.
  4. NACCB members will not knowingly misrepresent the facts regarding a candidate’s skill, experience, pay rate, contract terms, assignment duration, or other matters pertinent to the business relationship to a client.
  5. Only those candidates who have given permission to the NACCB member will have their credentials presented for potential contracts, temporary or permanent employment.
  6. NACCB members promote free and fair competition among members.  We will recognize and respect the rights and privileges of competitors in the true fashion of individual initiative and free enterprise, and will refrain from engaging in acts of unfair competition.
  7. NACCB members do not have unreasonable non-competition clauses, as represented in the common contract, or unfairly prevent a candidate from pursuing other opportunities.
  8. NACCB members will not induce consultants to contravene or interfere with contractual agreements.
  9. NACCB members abide by all federal, provincial and local laws with regard to the operation of their businesses and the privacy of their employees, contractors and clients.
  10. NACCB members preserve all proprietary information relating to the business of their clients.
  11. NACCB members refrain from directly soliciting employees of their own active clients.
  12. NACCB members have a clear policy for payment of consulting, marketing, and recruiting personnel.
  13. NACCB members comply with clients’ established business practices, including those policies relating to gifts and gratuities to client employees.
  14. NACCB members will supply to the candidate the facts regarding terms of assignment, job descriptions the pay rate for the job, workplace conditions, and any other known facts supplied by the client.
  15. NACCB members will derive income only from clients and make no direct or indirect charges to candidates unless specified by a license.
  16. NACCB members will maintain the highest standard of integrity in all forms of advertising, communications and solicitations. We will conduct our business in a manner designed to enhance the operation, image and reputation of the employment, recruitment and staffing services industry.
  17. NACCB members will ensure that our clients, candidates and employees are aware of our duty to abide by these Business Principles and will undertake to bring any potential infringements before the NACCB Ethics Committee.