The IT360 Financial Program is a turn-key program specifically designed for your independent contractors to create, maintain and grow their consulting business.

Special emphasis on proper corporate classification and financial affairs helps your client achieve and maintain corporate solidity.

Staffing firms who endorse the program know their clients will benefit from improved financial outcomes, which invariably results in increased loyalty back to the firm.



Incorporate at no cost*: Limited personal risk and liability, reduced tax burden, continuous existence and transferable property, excellent investment vehicle, etc.

Accounting Services

Take advantage of our turn-key accounting bookkeeping services offered by our Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) partners: GST/HST registration, annual financial statements, corporate income taxe filing, bookkeeping Annual resolution (minute book) and Production of T4/T5 and R1/R3 tax slips for salary/dividend.

Financial Analysis

A free in-depth assessment that’s designed specifically for independent consultants


Personal and Corporate Life Insurance, Critical Illness, Health and Dental Insurance. It is the ideal solution for independent consultants looking to optimize retirement income.

Disability Insurance

You can now insure your quality of life with RBC Disability Insurance: Regardless of your medical condition*, individual irrevocable coverage, guaranteed to age 65.

25% discount for IT Independent contractor.

Innovative Investments Strategies

Optimized portfolios, managed solution portfolios, private investment management service, Executive Retirement Plan (ERP) Offered in conjunction with our business partners.

*Some conditions apply

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