Stay on top of issues to focus on the bottom line.

As a Canadian consulting business, you know that staying on top of ever-changing legislation and compliance can be tricky business. You should be focusing on the bottom line – but these issues can be disruptive and costly.

We’re the NACCB. We’re here to help you.

We represent professional staffing: IT, Engineering, Finance & Accounting, and Legal consulting. For more than a decade, the National Association of Canadian Consulting Businesses (NACCB) has helped keep businesses like yours up to date on the latest legislation while working with the government to ensure that public policy makers understand our industry and the important part it plays in the country’s economy.

How we’ve helped your business already:

We protect the unique Canadian model.

Canada has a progressive consulting model that aligns with the current “gig economy” market. This benefits our clients, and provides the respect and workplace flexibility that our independent consultants are looking for.

The NACCB has intervened to stop provincial and federal governments from moving to an “Americanstyle” consulting model which would have significant, negative effects on our industry.

The economy works because we do.

Why join now:

The savings on insurance alone make joining the NACCB a wise business decision, but there’s much more to gain. Together, we can support the ongoing effort to ensure that regulatory authorities are aware that our industry is an important and integral part of the Canadian economy.

Be a leader in the professional staffing industry: