NACCB and Working Together Coalition of Employers

NACCB has joined the Working Together Group, an employer coalition led by the Ontario Chamber of Commerce, that will act as a unified “voice of employers” to respond to the provincial government’s Changing Workplaces Review (CWR). The Working Together Group will play a strong role in shaping those changes.

The overarching goal of the Working Together Group will be to act as a single voice for the employer community to government and media. The coalition will also shape the public conversation on the CWR by articulating the employer perspective and will provide informed recommendations to government on behalf of businesses from all sectors.

The NACCB is looking forward to actively participating in the work of the Working Together Group and providing recommendations from the Knowledge Workers/Independent Contractors industry perspective.


Michael Leacy,

NACCB President


NACCB Submission on Changing Workplaces Review


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